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Ingeo™ Fiber...
Created from Nature!

T-shirts & Polo Shirts
Ingeo™ fabric
...color fast

...does not fade

...does not shrink
...natural soil release
...meets all flame requirements
...moisture wicking
...excellence breathability

...wrinkle free
...natural stain resistance
...will not retain moisture
...does not absorb odors
...excellent thermal isolation

...can be washed or dry-cleaned
...will not support the proliferation of bacteria, fungi or viruses
See the Ingeo™
"How It's Made"

» A billion bushels of corn grown annually in U.S.
» Corn plastics and fibers are used in products ranging from plastic eating utensils to t-shirts
» Corn based plastic products break down naturally by composting

...Corn Plastic Products...
» Good for U.S. Advertisers
» Good for U.S. Farmers
» Good for U.S. Consumers
» Good for America!!

Facts about CORN Resin
» The Corn Resin used for all KelseyPromo Corn Plastic Products is made by a company called NatureWorks and the resin is referred to as PLA (Polymerized Lactic Acid)NatureWorks PLA is made by isolating the starch stored in the corn kernels and converting it into sugars.   During a process of fermentation and separation the sugars become lactic acid, which is used to create the plastic called polylactide.
» Corn Resin requires about 20% to 30% less energy to produce and contributes only half the carbon dioxide than plastics made from petrochemicals.
» PLA resin is FDA approved and suitable for food contact.  It is widely used for dairy, juice and water bottles, as well as trays for deli meats, salads and single-serve meals.
» Products made of a strong base chemical may not be suited for containers made from PLA.
» PLA Corn Plastic containers can be frozen and thawed successfully, and can withstand heat up to 120 degrees.
» PLA is compostable and biodegradable in industrial composting conditions, but it will not degrade or disintegrate on shelves.  In order to degrade, PLA must be exposed to temperatures greater than 140 degrees F and relative humidity greater than 90% for approximately 60 to 90 days.
» Products made from PLA Corn Plastic are not dishwasher safe.

For more information on Corn Plastic (PLA) see the FAQ at the website of the raw material manufacturer NatureWorks

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Corn Koffee Keg

Featured Product:
Corn Koffee Keg. 10.5 oz. - Made from 100% U.S. CORN PLASTIC

Corn Commuter Mug

Featured Product:
Corn Commuter Mug. Made from 100% U.S. CORN PLASTIC


Featured Product:
CLEAR PLASTIC DRINK CUP. Made of Compostable NatureWorks ® PLA (Corn Plastic).


Featured Product:
EnviroPen. Enviro Pen boasts a 81.9% biodegradability and compostability


Featured Product:
CORN PLASTIC NOTE TAKER HOLDER. 200 sheets of Note Paper

Big Thunder Tote - Therm-O-Tote - Little Thunder Tote

Featured Product:
Big Thunder Tote - Therm-O-Tote - Little Thunder Tote. 100% Recyclable and Reusable Grocery Bags


Featured Product:
ECO TRAVEL MUG & TUMBLER. New design 100% corn plastic eco travel mug and tumbler

Corn Zippy® Letter Opener

Featured Product:
Corn Zippy® Letter Opener. Made from 100% U.S. corn plastic (PLA)




Corn Plastic Products Corn Plastic Products
Corn Plastic Products, Made from 100% Corn
BIO Plastic Products BIO Plastic Products
Bags, sports bottle and stadium cup, made from a additive-added Biodegradable bio plastic
Natural Plastic Natural Plastic
Mugs made from renewable USA produced natural plastic
Ingeo(tm) Wearables Ingeo(tm) Wearables
Ingeo(tm), a man made fabric derived from 100% corn - Non-microbial - Won't Absorb Odors - Wrinkle Free - UV Resistance
Recycled and Recyclable Products Recycled and Recyclable Products
Stadium Cups, Totes, Notes, Rulers and Openers
Mugs and Cups
Corn Plastic and Bio Plastic Pens





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Amid soaring oil prices, disruptive supplies, and increased petroleum demand, we are utilizing an alternative plastic, Polymerized Latic Acid (PLA) that not only helps relieve U.S. dependence on foreign energy, but is based on a renewable U.S. agricultural product and is environmentally friendly to mother earth...

Bio Plastic is fully biodegradable in one to five years depending on conditions, Recyclable, Do not need air, light, or heat to break down plastic molecules.


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